The Internet started its life as an open research tool, and therefore privacy of information was less important than the need for information to be readily available and searchable. While in the early days the content was predominantly text, today images and video are shown in search results.

A consequence of the rapid growth and advancement of the Internet is that it offers perfect anonymity to those uploading content. Most users behave as if they cannot be seen and individuals, governments and companies around the globe are finding it difficult to track all content related to them online.

Hundreds of hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and similarly, millions of images are uploaded to Flickr, Facebook and Instagram daily, which means policing the content is impossible. Google, YouTube and all the main social media profile sites rely on visitors reporting abusive or inappropriate content.

Warnings about revealing personal information online may sound obvious, but they often go unheeded. Posting comments in newsgroups, chat rooms or on any of the popular social media profile sites can find those comments on page one of Google search results for an individual’s name. Worse still, false information of a defamatory nature can be posted with no verification as to the person posting it. Anonymous posts and comments can cause serious damage to an individual’s reputation.

Our e-book is suitable for use by any individual facing negative content online. The guide also includes information on social media privacy settings and using online assets to portray positive information that ranks for your own name.

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Ebook Content

02 About The Author
03 Background
04 The Current Google Algorithm
05 Facing Negative Content?
06 Online Reputation And Your Career
07 Increase Your Presence Online
08 Ranking Assets For Your Own Name
09 Privacy Controls – How To Set Up Your Digital Assets & Protect Yourself
11 Dealing With Negative Press/Defamatory Comments
12 Removal Techniques
13 Online Content
14 The Importance Of Google+ Authorship
16 Summary: How To Maintain A Positive Reputation Online
17 Social Media Assets And Links To Privacy Settings.
19 Igniyte Company Overview And Contact Details

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