Are You Prepared For A Business Reputation Crisis?

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How to prepare for a business reputation crisis - getting ahead of the curve

Prevention is better than cure, trust us, we know all too well the devastating impact of reputational damage to businesses, brands and individuals. And it pays to be prepared for a business reputation crisis.

A business reputation crisis can affect you in ways you’ve probably never thought of, hitting your sales and growth and deterring existing and prospective customers. It puts off your investors, shareholders, stakeholders, banks, suppliers, and potential employees. And it impacts what your employees, friends and community think about you.

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A business reputation crisis won’t happen to me…

Think it won’t happen to you? Our experience says it could, and probably will, at some point.

Why? It’s because in today’s online first world, companies risk losing 22% of business when people find just 1 negative article online. And that goes up to a whopping 70% with 4 or more negatives. Damaging content has already cost 1 in 20 UK companies more than £500,000 and 1 in 7 have lost up to £50,000.

Which is why it pays to be smart and plan ahead, with proactive reputation management and a plan in place to handle a crisis when you need it. We’ve felt our clients’ pain and we’ve helped them to recover from it.

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