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UK Coffee Supplier

A leading UK supplier of commercial coffee and coffee machines struggling with its online presence. They didn’t have a problem as such, just a ‘barely there’ presence online. And so they were lacking credibility in the eyes of prospective customers, employees, stakeholders and the industry.

The Mission

Our mission was full SEO of all existing online sites, content, profiles and social platforms, and to promote the business by gaining high-ranking links, so that – when people searched for the company – they had a positive first impression.

Building a solid online reputation was key. We analysed the company’s presence online and benchmarked search results. We optimised all existing online assets and created new assets and content including a survey and product reviews from industry journalists, gaining high-ranking coverage in The Telegraph and more. We also created and delivered a social media strategy and identified review and forum sites where we could start positive conversations. A new website was created to promote the company as leading coffee experts. The content was promoted through a newly established company-owned blog, and press articles were distributed across industry news wires.

The process also included optimising existing content and repurposing recent news articles. Company credibility online was significantly improved as a result of all of the activity.

company credibility online, Igniyte
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Goals Achieved

  • SEO across existing assets to establish and improve company credibility online
  • New website and blog –new content promoted and distributed across industry newswires
  • Conducted a survey and secured positive press coverage in The Telegraph and more
  • Product testing reviews from industry journalists
  • Negative posts removed from multiple sites
  • Transformed Page 1 search results – fully owned/positive
company credibility online, Igniyte
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