There are literally millions of blog posts created daily – so how can a blog help your business?

It’s all about quality, relevance and engagement. Publish informative, well-written articles with customer engagement at the heart of your content and you’ll:

  • Keep your audience engaged
  • Attract a wider audience
  • Draw online traffic
  • Convert prospective customers
  • Stand out from competitors
  • Grow interest and demand

Increase traffic to your website – and get leads

A blog gives people a reason to regularly visit your website, especially if you post often and deliver quality content that’s interesting, relevant, useful and even entertaining.

Companies that blog frequently see business benefits, compared with those that don’t. Customers that blog more than 16 times a month get almost three-and-a-half times more traffic than those blogging under a handful of times, according to Hubspot.

The more people you draw to your website the better – it ranks higher, engages existing customers and generates leads for conversion. With the right tools in place – you get rich data too.

The key is to ensure that your content speaks to your target audience. It could be answering a question, solving problems/issues they face, providing thought leadership for their industry, asking their opinion, involving them in a conversation, discussing topics that interest them, the list of possibilities is endless. Just keep the audience wants and needs front of mind. Headlines matter too – craft a headline that they’ll want to click on.

Grab their attention with relevant and quality content

If you think you don’t have time for a blog. Consider the value it will add before you rule it out.

Around the world, people are increasingly inquisitive and knowledgeable about companies they choose to buy from. In fact, they’ve never been more interested in the online reputation of those they do business with. 65% of people trust online search engines the most when researching a business and Google is the No 1 research tool – it controls 90% of search traffic. So, finding informative, engaging blog content can help sway public opinion about your brand, products and services, and ultimately play a factor in who they choose to purchase from. Make it you, and make sure you have good online reputation management.

Blog a window into your world

Create your blog posts for your audience, and with SEO best practice from the beginning, then share them across social media.

A good tip is to ensure every blog post inspires an action, from calling your sales team to reading more related content, or responding to your post. And don’t forget to include pictures and graphics.

So, how can a blog help your business? Having a business blog gives people a deeper window into your world, inviting them in and adding value for them. You can use it to show people what you know and can do for them. Tell your stories and show your impact.

Igniyte’s pick of platforms is WordPress – it’s a content management system that’s easy to set up, use and update. If you need help or don’t have the time to blog we can help get you set up and even create content for you.

The bottom line is that blogging is important for your business. Even months after a blog post goes live it can still attract new leads and customers, due to gaining authority and ranking, all helping you increase your bottom line.

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