Reputation Management is a hot topic with many major papers covering articles on online reputation management the Daily Telegraph recently covered an article on Igniyte.

Businesses and individuals are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of having a positive online image as more and more people use the internet and the influence a company’s online reputation can have upon sales.

Many people are increasingly using the internet and social media sites to share their opinions and thoughts and many people are unknowingly broadcasting to the public what they look like, where they work, their friends, where they visit and their interests. Often this can be mis-understood, many people also make comments online without understanding that people other than the people they wish to see this are shared online, this can affect their online reputation.

Many people face problems with negative online reputations and a new blog called Reputations the reputation management blog provides friendly easy to read information on reputation management. The new blog covers issues related to individual/personal reputation management, company/business reputation management and brand reputation management. The site offers different forms of advice and information such as short and catchy info graphics, videos, current news articles and in-depth facts and tips on reputation management for individuals and businesses. The site also has different outlets for users to stay updated with the most recent reputation management news such as its own Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn pages.

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