Social media is one of the greatest tools ever created for marketing a brand, products or services – as Social Media Manager at Igniyte I would say that wouldn’t I! But it’s so true, with 81% of millennials checking Twitter at least once per day, and 76% of Facebook users visiting the site daily, you should be taking advantage of these platforms to get your brand’s message out there.

The hurdle can come when your brand or product is less than glamorous. We expect household names such as Coca-Cola, Dominos and Nike to create fun and engaging social media marketing campaigns. But what if your product or brand isn’t necessarily exciting, luxury or trendy? What if it’s a bit more run of the mill? How do you make something as ordinary as cleaning equipment, anti-virus software or stationary exciting?

The good news is that there are always ways you can inject the passion and interest you have into your own brand or product. You just have to think outside the box.

Be THE source of knowledge

Instead of being the go-to source of information for your particular product, why not be the go-to for advice or information on your entire industry? A prime example of this in action is the mastermind behind all things sticky – 3M Canada. This company manufactures Post-Its and Scotch tape amongst many other products. However, the brand is also a prime source of industry expertise and information. A recent example of them showcasing this knowledge was this tweet on how to depend on duct tape for industrial maintenance.

Tell tales on social media 

Storytelling is THE most effective way to make your brand more relatable on social media. Take PayPal, once pigeonholed as a standard financial organisation. It has really turned its brand reputation around in the last few years, thanks to effective online reputation management. PayPal’s 2016 campaign featuring real people using its product resulted in a 327% increase in engagement across their social channels. PayPal went from faceless to friendly simply by having people sharing stories about how they use the service in their personal life. It’s both engaging and relatable.

Be human and fun

Your product is just one part of your company. Yes, it’s a massive part, but it’s not everything. Audiences relate to social media accounts with a human touch. You may have a product that’s quite difficult to make exciting – gas or electric perhaps – but the focus can always be shifted elsewhere. Hootsuite is a great example of this, showcasing what life is like in the office and posting content about their talented team. They even created their own hashtag, #HootsuiteLife.

Realise there’s no such thing as ‘boring’

Every industry is interesting in its own right. The key thing to remember is that you’re only boring to those who aren’t in your target market. There’s always an opportunity to make your brand noteworthy – you’ve just got to find it. Who’d have thought that supermarkets (considered ‘boring’ by most) would be absolutely stealing the show on social media? Take Tesco as an example. We all remember when the supermarket giant fired shots back at the user who made fun of Tesco Mobile’s voicemail by pointing out that her mates were ignoring her. The banter they have with other big brands also puts them on the radar regularly.  By looking at all of the examples above, we’ve established you’re going to need find your own way, to distinguish yourself from your competitors on social media.

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