When it comes to social media, have you considered the role it plays with regards to your online reputation management strategy? An incident that recently hit the headlines reminds us all that we must carefully consider what we post and why.

The Power of Social Media

Any considered online reputation management strategy includes an element of social media. This is for two reasons, and both rely on Google:

  • SEO: You can naturally incorporate your search term (the word or phrase people use to look for you on Google) into your social media profile name. Google likes natural SEO – it determines the relevancy of your search term to the subject in question. Used carefully, and suddenly your search term is on page one and any unwanted content is pushed down the rankings.
  • Authority: Social media sites are used by millions of people all over the world. Google sees them as authoritative – as significant sources of relevant information – and prioritises them in the rankings.

NYPD’s Epic Twitter Fail

So what do we mean at Igniyte when we say that you should always consider what you post online carefully? You may think something is a good idea, and that it will help promote you and your company, but it is essential to have a carefully thought out strategy – otherwise your efforts may drastically backfire.

A social media campaign by the New York Police Department (NYPD) is a prime example. The NYPD launched a Twitter campaign designed to promote their reputation. They asked followers to show their support by posting a picture of themselves posing with NYPD offices, followed by the hashtag #myNYPD. It went drastically wrong. Why?

A number of individuals who had issues with the NYPD took the chance to hijack the campaign. They posted pictures of officers engaging in police brutality. Unsurprisingly the images went viral and were published by International media.  NYPD’s page one is now a shambles.

So, what does this incident teach us about the use of social media? A post may seem like a good idea, but there are mitigating factors that could turn it into a disaster and leave your online reputation in far worse shape than it was before. Carefully consider every angle before you post!

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