A good reputation is a company’s most prized asset, however gaining a good reputation is just the start of it, maintaining it is essential.

Your reputation affects everything that you do in the business world, therefore it is essential to monitor your reputation and make sure it stays positive. There are plenty of reasons as to why a company may have bad reviews on the internet, regardless of what the reason may be, a negative reputation is a negative reputation.

If you want to monitor your reputation it is important to know what’s being said about your business and who is saying it. But in some cases you may find that there are some people out there who will write false or inaccurate statements about your organisation and the impact of these complaints or reviews can be detrimental to your company’s online image.

Negative online reviews can affect many aspects of your business like sales revenue. There are many websites out there that have company sales figures affected because there are just a few negative reviews on the first page of the Google search. That one bad review can seriously damage people clicking through to a website for further information.

If you have negative reviews online giving you a bad reputation then you need to act quickly and efficiently.

One way that you can seek to resolve a bad reputation is by creating online assets, online web pages are seen as online assets. By creating these assets you are able to portray information in the way that you want, not only can you present your arguments but it’s also another site that you can use to push down the negative reviews.

The most important thing for businesses is to be proactive; business should seek to lay firm foundations of good reputation. It must be the goal to ensure that before a company’s reputation can get damaged that there are precautionary measures in place to stop it happening.

Another way in which business should try to rescue a bad reputation is by launching social media sites, the emergence of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter allow businesses to have a direct channel to consumers, and this is considered as an online asset. Social media alongside other management tools can be used to rediscover a good reputation, other management tools may include: Google Plus, Google Alert and many more. These tools if used correctly can not only improve your bad reputation but it can help maintain a good reputation in the future. Managing comments to ensure positive brand advocates or neutral information is a positive step forwards in managing online reputation.

Trying to improve your reputation can be tricky and confusing, Igniyte have experience in planning out the move to a positive google page 1 and are able to utilise the tools available and to ensure that you can regain a good reputation.

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