As the Reputation Management Industry moves from it infancy stage there are new terms that you need to be aware of that are being used by the media and blogs.

EReputation is a neat summary of the Online Reputation Management discipline and is gaining credence as an industry term and seems particlulary popular in France (France Wiki EReputation).

Reverse SEO is a term used to describe the process of undertaking online reputation work. Normally in ‘traditional’ SEO the aim is to promote a websites ranking for certain keywords or phrases (e.g for a Travel company ‘Cruise Holidays’) but in the world of Reputation Management the opposite could be said to be true where we are trying to demote listings down google (e.g a bad Media article). This is why it is sometimes referred to as reverse SEO. Of course this isn’t strictly correct as the process also involves promoting in Google the following:

  • Neutral Client Listings (e.g Recruitment posts)
  • Clients Social Media (e,g linkedin/Twitter)
  • Clients Wiki page
  • Clients Industry listings (e.g Econsultancy)

 EReputation or Reverse SEO is the art of shifting negative page one listings by promoting positive and neutral content and sites.

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