“How do you keep today’s tech-savvy young people safe online, while allowing and encouraging them to enjoy the benefits of engaging across social media? What steps can you take to help your teenagers create the online CV and presence employers and admissions tutors are increasingly looking for?”

An e-book published by Igniyte – A Guide to Managing Your Teenager’s Personal Information Online – answers all these questions and more. It provides easily accessible, expert advice for parents and youngsters, offering advice on how families can safely enjoy the benefits of online life.

Simon Wadsworth, Managing Partner of Igniyte, and author of the ebook, hopes the guide will give parents the information they need and encourage them to work with their children in the online arena. “Today’s teenagers are the first generation to have grown up with online in their lives and for them and us as parents,” says Simon. “Learning how to manage the way they present themselves online is an essential life skill.

“We want to help demystify the digital arena and give parents and teenagers the tools they need to promote themselves sensibly and safely,” continues Wadsworth, “it’s easy to make mistakes in the online world – and they can have lasting consequences or damage a young person’s long-term prospects.”

The guide, which is free to download, is designed to make it easier for everyone to enjoy the many benefits of communicating online while avoiding some of the most obvious pitfalls. It takes a closer look at all things digital and offers practical support in areas including employment, university admissions, privacy and identity.

And, as well as providing vital information on addressing safety and settings, it emphasises the need to be proactive in the online space too – showing young people how to create a positive digital reputation to impress future employers or universities.

The team at Igniyte receives regular enquiries from individuals, companies and brands about how to manage their reputation online. Throughout the the website you will find free reputation management tips and advice. We also have produced various e-books which are available to download for free from this website.

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