Online bullying, adult content and defamatory comments shouldn’t be something a person has to live with, negative content online causes stress to not only directly to the individuals, but to their work colleagues, family and friends.

Whilst the majority of our customers are high profile individuals and companies (from small businesses through to global corporations), Igniyte receives a high number of enquiries from members of the public who need help with specific issues online.

With information posted at speed and with more young people now having access to smart phones and tablets, the ordinary person in the street is able to post images and comments instantly, but if regrets come – how easy is it to remove information online? Where do you report inappropriate content? Is it possible to control the information that exists online for search results of your name?

Whether you’re trying to promote yourself online to get that all important career break or you’re trying to remove content relating to you and an ex partner/employer/family member, our guide should help you guide your way through promoting yourself positively in search results.

Only an unfortunate few have serious issues to deal with, but with over 90% of searches being made through Google, it’s wise to know what content shows in search results for your own name.

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