In Christmas 2015, by December the 8th most companies had released their Christmas PR campaigns. It seemed that the recurring theme that year was creating an emotional bond between the company and the consumer. Here, Igniyte looked through some of the best Christmas PR campaigns of 2015.

John Lewis – #ManOnTheMoon

This is a short story about a girl named Lily, who finds an old man on the moon through her telescope who she’s desperate to surprise at Christmas. In true Christmas spirit and after several failed attempts, she sends him a telescope, with the help of a few helium balloons. An enchanting story which captures the magic of Christmas.

Marks & Spencer – #TheArtOfChristmas

Whilst this campaign only includes Christmas music for the first six seconds, it symbolises the often rushed, frantic mood that sets in at this time of year. It’s mainly based on the fashion aspect of M&S, leading into the joy on children’s faces on Christmas morning. It then revolves around the feast of the Christmas dinner, then people falling asleep watching television – something that most viewers can relate to on Christmas day.

Debenhams – #FoundIt

‘Find your fabulous Christmas at Debenhams’ is the simple but effective campaign this year. Rounding up some gift ideas for various people from whom you may take some inspiration, it’s a way of showing that Debenhams is a good place to try when doing your Christmas shopping. It keeps a Christmas theme throughout, achieving the intended bond between company and consumer. People can really relate to this during their own experiences of Christmas shopping.

Lidl – #SchoolOfChristmas

The Lidl School of Christmas in the ad teaches people how to make ‘the leftover sandwich’, ‘Christmas Pudding Lighting’, ‘Snowman Construction’ and various other skills that we may all need between now and the 25th of December. Not only does this capture the excitement and feeling of Christmas, but it’s also got some humour and realism to it. The tongue-in-cheek approach to the store, as well as the play on words with the name, make it a real contender for the best ad of the Christmas period.

Sky Movies – Sprout it from the rooftops

This advertisement involves a girl named Rosie, who loves Christmas but, like most of us, doesn’t like eating her sprouts. Through the ad, she makes her way through the scene of Cinderella, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, Big Hero 6 and Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron before eventually returning to her Christmas meal. Of course, families traditionally have a relationship with movies at this time of year, and this ad really brings that relationship to life – as well as the magic of Christmas.

Your Online Reputation

Creating a connection with your consumer is important for brand loyalty. This can help grow your brand’s online presence, which could ultimately increase sales. Relevant, topical PR is one of the main ways for your business to expand the bond between your company and the potential consumers. Whilst your company strives to excel with customer satisfaction, you can’t get it right every time.

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