When it comes to Online Reputation, is yours positive or negative?

When you type your name or brand into major search engines like Google, what sort of information ranks on page one?  Are the reviews full of praise, or do they leave a lot to be desired?

Not only do you have no direct control over what Google ranks, you may not have even realised that negative comments or reviews were being written about you or your business. If you want good online reputation that shows you as a quality and trustworthy business, it is important to react to and control any negative reviews that may appear.

To start with, you could make use of Online Reputation Management to help you remove any negative comments from the Google page one.  This often happens in the form of creating quality content, either on your website or through social media. But negative reviews may still be written, so how are you to react to this if you don’t know when it is being written?

Google Alerts can be set up to bring in news stories and blog posts about certain keywords that you specify. It is a useful tool in Online Reputation Management that can sometimes be overlooked. If you set up Google Alerts, focussing on your name or brand name, then Google Alerts will send you emails linking to any content that has been written about you or your business. This allows you to react almost immediately, for example replying to the message to rectify the problem, or creating a response or statement through your website or social media such as Facebook.

Whilst creating a response can rectify the problem, it also reflects positively on you or the company. It shows to people that you are actively showing interest in your company and its customers, and also increases trust as you are responding to people’s issues in a helpful manner.

To set up Google Alerts, you would need a Gmail email account. Then all you need to is to enter your brand name or company into the field specified and choose further options from the drop down listed. For example, if you want to react immediately you would need to set the alerts to be sent to your email ‘as it happens’ rather than daily. After all, the sooner you find out about the negative reviews, the faster you can respond.

Remember to keep on top of you online reputation, be vigilant when checking for negative reviews and respond in a positive manner to increase reputation and trust.

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