Regardless of the size of your business it is vital to understand that all employees are associated with the company, therefore it is vital they protect and promote your business well.

Although it may be difficult business owners should stress to employees that they are a reflection of the business, therefore they should always be cautious when using sites such as social networks. There have been many cases in which company’s online reputation have been massively damaged, in these cases the damage has been inadvertent however the result is due to poor judgement by their employees on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

A Social Media policy is essential for all companies. This should clearly set out the company’s policy in terms of employee behaviour online. Whilst companies can’t dictate an employee’s life online, they can make it clear that anything that relates an employee back to their place of work needs to be neutral or positive. Consistency needs to be also adhered to on sites such as Linkedin.

It is advisable to hold a meeting or a seminar in which social networks are fully explained to employees, although it’s likely the majority of people know how to use them, they may however not know how the sites can be used as a marketing tool. Informing them of how to manage the settings of Facebook and similar social network sites is essential. You must try emphasising to each department how they can use the social media in order to achieve the larger goal.

But more importantly it will be key to outline a clear social media policy which indicated what employees can and cannot do with regards to their social networking activities. By establishing the social media policy the consequences of breaking it should be clearly stated, this will in most cases prevent employees from damaging their company’s reputation with their social media activities.

Blogs are a good way for each department to express how they are feeling and enables them to share with the rest of the business and the wider industry. In larger businesses there will most likely be a number of departments so you must try to make sure each of them feel that their opinion matters. In order to keep the morale high it is important that you show recognition to those that are working well towards keeping a good online reputation, good bloggers should be rewarded for their hard work.

Social media is constantly changing and developing, there are always new sites being made and the existing sites are always being modified and updated. Therefore it is essential that there are regular training sessions in order for the employees to keep up to date with the current tools. The majority of the employees will in most cases use these social networking sites in their personal lives, therefore it is likely that they will not mind the training and will find information on privacy settings and conducting themselves online useful.

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