Facebook is reputedly in talks with The New York Times and other international organisations with regard to hosting content … providing the social network’s users with ‘instant access’ to news, and undoubtedly helping the publications themselves improve their Internet profile.

This is good news for Facebook – which in recent months has faced claims that younger users are increasingly moving to social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp. Facebook is said to be basing its plans on the fact that its users want instant access news and current affairs, and that they are not always willing to follow a link to an external site.

The benefit to the news corporations, publishing houses and other organisations involved will be advertising revenue, plus the promise that the news will be more easily accessible on mobile devices, and of course presented attractively.

Has the ‘shift to online’ gone too far?

A recent article in the The Times argues that newspapers and magazines may be “more effective than people think”. Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive of WPP – ‘a world leader in marketing communications’, commented in the article that some “traditional media are probably more retentive and engaging” when it comes to “advertising and content”. The news corporations have some decisions to make.

How Igniyte works with clients

Much of Igniyte’s work involves helping companies and brands to promote their products and services online through good PR and communications. We specialise in ‘making PR and news’ work for clients and helping them to manage their Internet profile across the search engines. While we recognise the many benefits of offline PR and news, we concentrate our efforts online. We offer a seamless process to clients, which integrates promoting social media profiles, content in the form of blog posts, news articles and e—books, and of course PR.

We ensure that any existing, positive articles published about a client are promoted so that they rank for key terms and can be found by anyone searching for the company or brand online. We create articles and content, which are optimised for key terms. This content is promoted across relevant news sites and industry forums – sites that rank well on Google.

We work with customers to ensure their online presence is maintained effectively and in a sustainable way. If clients are facing issues around content, we help them to counteract this by promoting new, positive content, as well as PR about their business and services. Social media is an important part of the process. And the news that Facebook will play an even more integral role in how news is to be published is of interest.

Unwanted content online – what can you do about this?

It is possible to have content removed online if it breaches a website’s terms and conditions. Our initial approach would be to contact the website directly to ask them to remove any defamatory or unsubstantiated content, or use the Google Removal Tool. Individuals in the EU can also submit ‘right to be forgotten’ removal requests via Google.”

If you are interested in speaking to Igniyte about raising the profile of your business online and building a strong reputation, please contact Simon Wadsworth on tel: + 44 (0) 203 542 8686 or email simon@igniyte.com. All enquiries are dealt with confidence.

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