Regardless of the type and size of the business, there will always be people who submit bad reviews regarding the business.

Negative reviews can come from a whole host of people, most commonly you tend to find that it is previous customers who have bad things to say about the company, however there are always fired employees and other people who have negative things to say. The most important thing about getting criticism is how you deal with it, because after all you are only as good as the public see you.

Deleting bad reviews can be terrible for your online reputation, the people who post on consumer action groups or go the measures they do to post their negative feedback are very unhappy people. To delete these comments instead of resolving the problem with them will only lead to infuriating them further, and by annoying them even more you are increasing the chances that they will either write more negative comments or they could possibly write a more sever one.

With technology being as forward as it is, the consumer will have various platforms in which they can express their anger on, such as: Twitter, Facebook or they could possibly write a blog about it. Regardless, they can be very dangerous for your business, therefore in order to maintain a good online reputation you should leave the comment there but address it in a way that leaves your business in a favourable light. By understanding the problem you are more likely to be able to give them an answer or feedback that will most likely calm them down and could possibly get them to take down the comment.

This can also be good for your online reputation management because it give your company a chance to show off your customer service skills. By going to such measures to ensure that the person has had their problem dealt with in the correct manner, the negative comment could eventually turn out to be good for your online reputation as it shows how much the company cares for its customers.

For a business every piece of feedback should be viewed as constructive criticism, there should be points where the business should be able to look at the feedback and try see areas in which they can improve. The feedback can help your online reputation because you can take certain aspects of it on board and then hopefully with the help of a professional look to see how you can resolve these problems.

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