When starting a company, it’s vital to protect its online reputation, which is Igniyte is providing you with online reputation tips for starting a new business.

You Need to Start Thinking Now About Your Company’s Online Reputation

Starting out a new business is one of the most difficult things you will ever do. There are a thousand things to consider; how to identify your target audience, how to secure financing etc. However, Igniyte would suggest that you need to start thinking ahead, and protect your online reputation.

In a world where target customers have lightning speed access social media, one negative post about your business can go viral, effecting page one on Google for your search term. If someone with an axe to grind already has the means to damage your company’s online reputation i.e. they’ve taken up your business’ ideal Twitter handle, meaning their tweets are more likely to rank on page one of Google than your own, their job gets even easier.

Take Preventative Steps to Protect Your Company’s Online Reputation

That’s why Igniyte would suggest that you get preventative, and takes steps to protect your new company’s online reputation before anybody has the chance to sink it. These preventative measures include…

  • Securing All Possible URLS’s: If someone get a hold of a URL with your search term, they can use it to post whatever they want about your company, and it’ll rank because your search term is in the URL itself, which search engines see as authoritative. That’s why it’s essential that you buy all common URL’s for your search term, even if you’re not going to use them.
  • Securing All Possible Social Media Handles:  Like above, if someone gets a hold of a common social media handle for your search term, it’s sure to rank, as again Google will see those posts as authoritative. That is why you should secure all common social media handles for your search term; to keep them out of the handles of other people.
  • Creating Company Blogs: An effective pre-emptive strike to secure your online reputation, is to populate your page one with positive content; one way of which is to create a blog on sites such as WordPress for your search term. Again, this has the advantage of keeping that blog URL out of the hands of other people.
  • Generating Positive Press: Another way to populate your page one with positive content is to reach out to local and national media outlets and generate PR, which will rank for your search term. As a new business, there should be a fair few PR angles you can work off that media outlets will see as viable for their sites. Local media in particular will prove infinitely valuable to you if you are working with a shoestring budget.
  • Building up a Reputation for Excellence: Ultimately, if you already have a good reputation, then you’ll be able to weather any storm created, as your customers will remain loyal as they already think highly of you. This is why you need to prioritise customer service from the word go.

You Need to Build a Brand That Will Endure

When starting your own business, it’s vital to think long term, as you want to build a brand that will endure. That’s why it’s important that you take preventative steps to protect your online reputation when you are starting a new business.

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