Following months of suspected algorithm changes and fluctuating page rankings, Google’s second official algorithm update went live late Wednesday afternoon.

With webmasters braced for the impending effects, the Penguin Update 2.0 has been rolled out to further clamp down on web spam and encourage good SEO practice.

Google’s initial Penguin update was rolled out in April 2012, followed by two data refreshes in May and October last year. As a result, many sites suffered harsh penalties relating to black hat SEO and consequently dropped in the rankings. Algorithms determine the way in which websites are ranked in Google results, potentially causing fluctuations in the traffic to any website hoping to organically rank highly. The repercussions of the new generation Penguin are certain to have a ripple effect that has the potential to impact on your website’s Google ranking positions.

Fresh and quality pages running throughout your website are vital as the algorithm update targets any kind of link schemes that generate low quality or unnatural links. We would therefore encourage a focus on content, ensuring that you are frequently circulating articles and blogs that are fresh and relevant. Fantastic content will increase your authority with Google and ultimately improve your rankings.

As we know, Google can be extremely temperamental and can significantly affect your reputation management.

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