What is the perfect Google Page 1 in the search results and how easy is it to achieve one? When we think of the perfect page one for a brand or individual search, we think of several things that we work to achieve in SEO practice, those are:

  • Sitelinks
  • Authorized authorship
  • Google places app
  • Social network profiles
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • Google+
  • And if you’re lucky, your own Wikipedia entry

The biggest goal for a brand or individual is to personalise your Page 1 of any SERPs, to own that page 1 and that also means you have control of the content which appears, eliminating the possibility of any negative results popping up, if you have any! So let’s take a look at an example of what we believe is a perfect Page 1 – Moz.

When searching for Moz in Google, the results we get are a “text book” case for a perfect, optimized Page 1 for that particular brand. We see sitelinks present which reduce the amount of visible results to 7 on a Page, followed by three social media profiles, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, a Wikipedia entry (only natural for a global brand like Moz), and two positive articles from Forbes and godofseo with Moz mentions.

So it is certainly not an impossible task to achieve such a Page 1 and even though there is no “correct answer” as to how to go about it, we know which factors would contribute. For example, Moz social profiles such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are incredibly active with user interaction, followers, likes and +1s, the Moz community is massive and there is no doubt as to why these three profiles get positions 2, 3 and 4 on Page 1, authority.

However, other brands or people are not as lucky as to have their own Wikipedia entry and so that still leaves a space for LinkedIn which, if optimized correctly, is a very strong placeholder in search results. What cannot be avoided however is the appearance of press in search results; we have very often seen almost every Page 1 include an article from a news outlet or a blog post with the mention of the search term.

Although we do admit that this is something of an external piece of content which we may not have control over but we certainly can influence it by submitting positive PR and good quality content. If the content is good enough we might get a mention of it from a high authority blog or even a news outlet.

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