High quality content and your online reputation are inextricably linked.

Words – whether written or spoken – have the power to inform, influence, shape and change people’s behavior. Get your content right, and you’ll boost your online reputation, making your business better too.

Here’s how to ensure your content hits the quality mark and boosts your reputation.

Think like a customer

Your content – from websites and blogs to articles, news and social media posts – will determine whether people choose to do business with you, or go elsewhere.

Think about it. You want something, you Google it, click on a website (or seven), read about the company or person ‘selling’ what you’re interested in. You check out a review or two and then choose the one that appeals to you the most.

While it’s true that we’re each motivated by different things, most are drawn to do business with brands or individuals that we like and trust.  What we choose to like and trust will be based on the information we are presented with.

I can’t stress enough the importance of thinking like a customer. High quality content is all about quickly and succinctly demonstrating key information you want customers to know, but you also need to ensure it centres on their needs not yours. Think about what’s in it for them – all of the features and benefits that will make their lives better or easier. Be clear and straightforward about what you offer and the benefit to your audience.

It’s more important than ever to be authentic. Ensure your content reflects your business personality in a way that will resonate with customers.

Use case studies and customer testimonials to establish your credibility and relevance. Bring graphics and film into the mix to show your creativity. Create an experience.

Quality content

Good content improves your chances of being found online. To rank on search engines, you need to have fresh content that is relevant to your audience.

Focus on crafting content that puts audiences first, rather than search engines. Controversial, I know, but it’s true. Google not only indexes your page based on keywords, but also the relevancy of a page’s semantic relevance and back links to credible websites. If you produce your content with credibility in mind, you’ll provide more value for your audience/customers.

Doing this ensures that you are creating quality content based on what people want to know. This will make them more likely to convert as customer and to like and rate you.

Don’t be afraid of change

When you understand why high quality content matters to your online reputation, and implement a strategy to deliver it effectively across your channels, you’ll transform how people view you online.

You’ll end up taking your content from informative to insightful, and that will give you the edge.

Mediocre content continues to saturate the Internet. High quality content stands out, fostering trust, credibility and even respect, admiration and aspiration. Creating high quality content to improve your online reputation. It’s well worth the investment.


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