When people hear the words “Online Reputation Management”, they often wrongly assume that this is a service for predominantly unsatisfactory businesses that have given years worth of bad, inadequate service.

It seems that only companies that have built up a bad reputation over a long period of time would ever be in need of Online Brand Management.

Online Reputation Management is the management of search engine results for a particular company or person. This industry has developed in recent years because of the lack of control people have over what is said about them on the internet. If, for example, you Googled yours or your businesses name, and you found the first page of results to be littered with negative comments and reviews, there is no real way you could go about getting them deleted.

That’s where Online Reputation Management Companies come in. The process of clearing the first page of search engine results begins with creating positive online content for a person or company. This could come in the form of social network profiles, or microsites. This material is then search engine optimised, to push it above the negative content. In this way the negative content is knocked down, and off page one of search engine results.

Online Reputation Management is valuable because, contrary to belief, a person’s or a company’s reputation can be ruined over night. The internet allows bad news to travel extremely quickly; things literally can go viral over the space of a few hours. Take, for example, Max Clifford, who was denounced and quickly became a figure of public dissent over a very short period of time. If newspapers get hold of a story, it only takes one headline on one morning to cause severe damage to a reputation.

This is why Online Reputation Management is becoming an increasingly popular industry. A damaged reputation can cause individual people a lot of stress and upset, and cost businesses valuable customer interest and money.

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