A candidate’s reputation is becoming an increasingly important factor in decisions about hiring. Whilst application forms, CVs and interviews will always be a priority for recruitment, employers are now starting to factor in online reputation and whether that candidate would be a good cultural fit for their workplace. Risk is an element of business and not something that companies can ever get rid of. But a reputation check from Yoono can help understand the risk of any new hire.

Employers know the importance of their brand cannot be overlooked when it comes to an effective recruitment strategy. But what about the reputation of candidates applying for roles? In a recent LinkedIn poll, 71% of people said that they believed that a candidate’s online reputation was important, but 40% said they don’t always make the checks that were needed.

Yoono - The importance of reputation in recruitment


Why businesses need to check candidates online reputation

Candidate reputation is becoming more important and a report will give recruitment managers a more holistic view of a candidate and takes a look at more information that is on a normal CV. Seventy per cent of employers use the information from social media networks to research candidates.

Companies are increasingly more vulnerable to reputational risks from the people that they employ and Know Your Customer (or KYC) checks are just one way of mitigating that risk. It gives a company peace of mind, as more than half of employers have found content on social media that caused them not to hire a candidate.

Candidates and job seekers can make dubious choices when it comes to their own social media and online presence. From posting party photos to using controversial language, or even engaging in questionable behaviour – it can seem harmless at the time but it can be used by recruiters to make a decision about the suitability for a role. What a person does, or says online can impact their online reputation and harm their prospects when it comes time for job-hunting. Business of all sizes can and do, check online reputations.

So why do businesses or HR department undertake checks on future employees?

  1. To check their suitability to fit into the workplace culture. Recruiters are looking for everything from sexist or racist behaviour, to whether they think candidates would fit with the company values and be a good cultural fit in the organisation.
  2. Social media presence. Does a candidate have a professional-looking LinkedIn profile? Do they use words of concern or members of groups that do not reflect a good online reputation?
  3. Get a good understanding of the candidate. Although this links with the above points, an online reputation can be more important than just a CV. CVs, or application forms generally only share information that presents them in a good light, but a thorough reputation check will ensure a fully rounded view of the applicant.

Making these checks manually can be time-consuming as they can involve looking at a candidate’s presence on Google (and other search engines) as well as social networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. But as well as being time-consuming workplaces must factor in bias (whether unconscious or not) which is why the newest reputation checker from Yoono is here to help. It saves time and effort but can help find articles and associations with groups or websites of concern.

Yoono - reputation in recruitment

How a Reputation Report from Yoono can help?

Reputation checks can help identify areas of concern that are not apparent in a CV or interview and lessen the chances of a wrong hire. KYC checks at an early stage of the process will save time and effort in the long run as studies have shown that it can be costly to hire the wrong person. For instance, the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) says that a business stands to lose up to five times the employees annual salary in the case of a bad hire.

About Yoono

Trawling through social media accounts and online content can be inefficient and something important could be missed. Yoono automates the online search process. Recruiters, business owners or HR departments just need to input the search criteria and then Yoono will do all the heavy lifting. The algorithms and workflows come from Igniyte’s ten years of experience in online reputation management which means that businesses will get a comprehensive report they can rely on.

Yoono provides a PDF report that is easily digestible and provides recruiters with the insight they need. GDPR compliant, Yoono is not a background check company but provides real reputational insights.

The importance of reputation in recruitment – A guide from Yoono
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The importance of reputation in recruitment – A guide from Yoono
Yoono specialises in reputation reports and this article talks about why a candidate’s reputation is becoming an important factor in hiring decisions.
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