To achieve a Google page ranking of number 1 then it means lots of hard will have been put into getting it there.

There is no doubt that by achieving a high Google ranking that it will increase the level of traffic you get on your website and in turn that will most likely convert into a higher volume of sales. Being in a high ranking could amount to nothing if your company has a bad online reputation, obviously if your company has a lot of negative feedback on the first page of Google then it will have a negative effect on your sales.

Companies should always be performing online risk analysis to see where they can improve and to monitor how they are doing. By performing this you can analyse the areas in which you can develop and then decide whether you need a professional to help. If you come to the conclusion that your negative online reputation is affecting the success of the business then there are two aspects in which you should look at: promotion and protection. Both of these are forms of online reputation management, promotion is where the professional will see the online assets that the business already owns such as micro sites, then through the use of link building and other methods they will promote the assets, in doing this it is bringing the positive information to the top which in turn is supressing the negative feedback. The other method of online reputation management is protection; this is where you create online assets such as social media profiles or blogs in order to protect the brand from a bad reputation and also to provide a channel in which to communicate with the consumers.

Lots of businesses don’t pay attention to anything apart from their website when they type their brand into Google, but perhaps almost as important as your website is what people are saying about your brand underneath. It’s important to use the social networking sites and the blogs in order to gauge what’s being said about the brand and whether the majority is positive or negative, and then it is the role of the professional to respond to the comments.

When looking at ranking, it’s so closely connected to your online reputation that its almost intertwined, if you are trying to achieve a high rank in Google rankings then you will need to ensure that you have a good online reputation. Similarly if you want to have a good reputation, then it’s important that you are a good brand and work high up the Google rankings. Therefore, it’s not a question of either ranking versus reputation, rather concentrating and working on both at the same time.

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