Search engines like Google are so essential in everyday life, majority of people use Google for any kind of searches. Which is why they directly affect your reputation.

Of course there is likely to be the odd bad thing here and there said about either you or your company, but for some there is lots of bad information on these search engines. This bad information can have a detrimental effect on either you or your business for a number of reasons.

It is now seen as fairly common for potential employers to check out people online before they hire them, these employers are now looking at social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and more. This for some won’t make a difference, however those who have lots of negative information stand to lose a lot. This is where online reputation management comes into play, by using tools such as press releases, the negative information about the potential employee can be pushed down the Google rankings. Although it may not seem necessary something as small as a cheap reputation management campaign could be the difference between getting a job and not getting the job.

Another reason why people should use online reputation management is when the company had lots of negative reviews and feedback from websites and different consumer group. This is fairly often where even though the company has a high Google ranking, it has a lot of negative feedback underneath. This will most likely put off a lot of potential customers which in turn will glad to a decline in sales figures. However if online reputation management was used, these negative reviews would be able to be pushed down onto the second page of Google and the sites the higher ranking sites would be positive/neutral sites. This will most likely improve the sales volume for the business and possibly increase the levels of traffic on the sites.

The above two cases are reactive measures that people or companies have to use once something has gone wrong, regardless of whether they recover the situation or not there will have been a period where they had a bad reputation. However it is seen as better if reputation management is used as a proactive and precautionary measure, this means that companies or people will have put the tools in place to ensure that if there is bad feedback about them, they will not able to creep up onto high rankings of Google. By using already established micro sites and other online assets, companies should be able to prevent that bad information from cropping up. In doing this it is likely to ensure steady sales figures and it will have a good online reputation. That is the important thing, after all a good reputation is priceless.

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