The Internet has changed our lives enormously. Many of us live our lives online via social networks and those who have embraced the change are reaping the benefits including higher visibility, greater reach, increased brand engagement, and better relationships. It has also encouraged us to consider the value of online reputation management.

The Web is accessible to most, the technical barriers and costs of having an online social presence are low. Yet many companies aren’t taking advantage of this growing channel and the opportunities it can bring – especially in terms of brand reputation. Worse still, many are finding themselves unprepared to deal with the downsides of such an accessible channel.

The growth of social channels has left a gap in the traditional agency mix. Although there is still very much a need for PR agencies and SEO agencies. Many individuals and brands are turning to reputation specialists such as Igniyte, which offer help and guidance on building and managing a positive online image.

Igniyte offers a niche service to clients

Unfortunately it’s not unusual to find disgruntled employees or customers using the Internet to air their views.

A damaged reputation may impact on customer confidence, profitability, and on personal reputation. Whereas a strong profile and reputation will satisfy those searching for you on the Internet, as well as strengthening your image, company or brand online.

We work in partnership with clients, helping individuals, companies and brands to build an effective and strong reputation. Igniyte offers bespoke online reputation management services including:

  • Monitoring for mentions and sentiment online
  • Content and online PR strategies
  • Online crisis communications
  • Challenging defamatory or unsubstantiated content online
  • Right to be forgotten and Google Removal applications
  • Ensuring social and professional media profiles rank for your search terms
  • Review management strategies

First steps into building a social presence

Not all our clients are facing negativity. Some simply need help moving into social channels in a positive way. Taking a first step into social media can be daunting. Many clients don’t wish to encourage negativity or give potentially unhappy customers an arena to voice their thoughts.

However, many do realise that the world is becoming more social and they cannot prevent customers from having their say. Far better to make the first move and stay ahead by building a positive brand presence to encourage feedback and build brand advocates who will, if needed, defend the brand.

It’s far easier to build a positive brand presence, than it is to repair a damaged brand from a standing start.

Using thought leadership to increase market share

Igniyte works with clients, supporting them to build an online brand in a positive light. We help clients to create positive news and content around relevant topics particularly social media and blogs.

To improve the authority of your business online and promote key executives as thought leaders in the industry, it is important to assess which channels work best for your company. Social media, for example, may be the most appropriate base from which to promote your products and services, and communicate with your customers.

Other ways to boost authority online include encouraging sharing of news and updates between a company and its employees; identifying company pages, partners, customers and prospects to follow online, and creating and promoting fresh, relevant content – on a consistent basis.

Establishing director profiles and developing e-guides on industry related subjects will also help you to increase your key audience and customer and partner interaction online.

Helping individuals

It’s not just companies that seek support. Igniyte also works with individuals, many of whom are high profile. It could be a past you would like to forget, but Google just won’t let you. A Google search on your name that returns unsuitable images is not helpful when trying to find employment.

For some it’s not their past but someone else’s who happens to share the same name. By building an online presence clients are able to push unwanted content down the search engines, leaving the newly created positive content in view.

Get in touch

Whether you’re ready to make a move into building a positive online brand, or facing unwanted content or press we’re here to help. We are happy to work with, or independently from existing agencies.

Please contact Simon Wadsworth on telephone +44 (0) 203 542 8686 or email – all enquiries are treated in confidence.

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