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Why is it so important?

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Brand reputation management is a priority for companies and brands. Consumer behavior is changing and conversations about you and your brand are taking place on the internet right now, which is why you need to take control.

What does positive brand reputation management look like?

A positive online brand reputation will inspire customer loyalty, drive bottom-line growth, and improve your customer’s confidence in your brand. But, a negative one will drive away your prospects and potentially lose existing customers. 

An online reputation audit for your business will show you how customers are perceiving your brand, and what they’re saying about you in the press and social media. This audit will help create the right brand reputation management strategy for your business. 

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How do you find out if your brand management efforts are succeeding and delivering the right kind of results to positively affect your reputation? Igniyte has found that companies with positive reputations online share common qualities...

Strong thought leaders across the business.

Brands with positive reputations will be seen as thought leaders in their industries. They have experts in the business who demonstrate the authority and influence needed to have a positive impact on reputation. 

Brand reputation management will help you secure that position as a thought leader in the industry. You become the go-to resource when their customers have questions that they need answering. 

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Dominance in the search rankings.

A managed brand identifies opportunities where you can influence the search rankings and your position on Google for key search terms. A long term SEO strategy will put your brand at the top of the search engines. 

By taking control of your own company assets, such as your company website, social media profiles and positive news outlets you paint the best picture of your company and brand. 

A good reputation is free advertising, and the goal is to try and get as many ‘owned assets’ and positive online mentions as possible on page one. 

Companies that dominate the search rankings are managing their reputation online by using social media, PR, online business directories, and blogs to advertise their company as experts in their chosen field. 

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Social Media.

Social media is a vital part of your brand reputation management. Tracking, monitoring, and responding to both positive and negative reviews and comments is a must! 

By creating a thorough social media strategy it will make your business and brand more accessible and customer-focused. 

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Customer reviews.

For many companies, and brands, online reputation management will take the form of monitoring and managing their online reviews

We wouldn’t expect businesses to have perfect reviews and ratings – and in fact, these can be a red flag for potential fake reviews, but an online review management strategy will help gain positive reviews across targeted review sites. 

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Having a comprehensive strategy for online reputation management is crucial for any business and brand. Armed with the knowledge of what a positive brand reputation looks like, the question now becomes; is your business doing enough to track its presence on the internet?

Monitor the conversations about your brand

To be able to react to online mentions, you have to monitor what is being said about your company, product, and services online. 

Facebook, Youtube and Instagram are some of the most popular social networks but they are not the only ones you should be looking at.

Perform regular searches for your name, your brand and business name across all platforms to see what people are saying about you. And don’t forget to set up a Google Alert to keep track of any new content.

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Reviews influence decisions

Responding to reviews a key component of any brand reputation management strategy. Your customers,  and potential customers, will be swayed by your reviews. 

According to a recent study, 93% of people say that online reviews impact their buying decisions. Nowadays, people trust online reviews written by other customers. Because they’re looking for real and honest unfiltered reviews and opinion based on real experience. 

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Invest in your content marketing

The content you create can be a driving factor in how customers perceive your brand.  This means creating, publishing and sharing various forms of content – blog posts, whitepapers, photos, videos, and social media posts. These should be designed to engage your audience whilst positioning your brand as a thought leader and expert. 

Don’t focus on promotional content, but look at solutions to common problems that your audience experiences. Give your audience something of value. 

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Think about customer experience and provide excellent customer service 

By focusing on your customer experiences, all the way through from initial contact, through the process of engaging with key areas of the business, and think about the long-term relationships – they will strengthen the foundation of your brand. 

How do you set yourself apart from others in your industry? By providing excellent customer service of course. Every customer expects their needs to be met and they will get exactly what they need and want. 

Ask your customers for feedback and implement the solutions they offer. Thnk about using surveys, newsletters, or something as simple as monitoring for issues that your customer report on a regular basis. 

If you don’t provide excellent customer services, your customers will go to your competitors. 

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Public Relations 

Your brand reputation management should include a strong public relations program that will position you and your brand as an expert in your field across online publications and media outlets. 

PR will help improve your brand perception, manage any negative comments and sentiment, and increased your ‘owned assets’ through positive news stories. 

A lack of brand reputation management will harm your brand and cause damage that will take time, money, and effort to repair. So start today by investing in your brand. Contact Igniyte to find out how we can help. 

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