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Review sites are becoming the most influential and authoritative research tools online – making online review management essential.

We all use reviews to vet our options.

  • 97% of consumers now use the Internet to search for products and services.
  • And 93% of consumers’ buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. In fact, 49% trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Igniyte helps companies around the world to harness the power of online reviews. We do this by implementing positive review strategies and managing conversations online.

Online Defamation
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Speak with Roz our online reputation management expert, in complete confidence.

The importance of review websites for your business reputation

Did you know that over 65 million comments and opinions a month are posted to review websites or forums? While 73% of consumers have greater trust in businesses when customer feedback is positive. Businesses with 1 or 2 star reviews typically fail to convert almost 90% of prospective customers. Because reviews dramatically influence buyer behaviour:

This gives high ranking review websites enormous power to impact on your company profitability. Why? Because consumers use reviews to express everything from great experiences and confidence in brands to dissatisfaction with services and products.

online review management, Igniyte

Review management services

We work with you to help you take control of online reviews about your business. And it all starts with a solid audit and strategy.

Services include:

  • Online review management audit and strategy – to achieve your goals, benchmark and measure progress.
  • Online review management platform – an online tool that manages everything in one place saving time and money. You choose either an owned or managed service.
  • Challenging negative, reviews, defamatory reviews or fake reviews (including legal options).
  • Generating positive reviews – increase review volumes and star ratings from genuine customers.
  • Online review management training – we’ll train your teams on review management.
  • Customer journey/experience insights – so you can make improvements to reduce complaints.
  • Trustpilot management service.
online review management, Igniyte

Igniyte Business Review Management Tool

The Igniyte Business Review Management Tool enables you to:

  • Monitor your reviews from one place.
  • Respond to your reviews from one place.
  • Generate more reviews and automate review collection.
  • Respond to negative reviews quickly to reduce reputation risks.
  • Get better customer insights.
  • Discover customer experience trends.
  • Measure progress.
  • See how you compare with the competition.
  • Track and respond to employee reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed.
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Leveraging your reviews with the Igniyte Business Review Management Tool

Monitor reviews

Track all of your customer reviews from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Respond to reviews

Get automated e-mail notifications to stay on top of reviews. And reply straight from the management tool.

Analyse reviews

Understand the cause of complaints, so that you can resolve concerns and improve. Plus, reduce complaints and negative reviews.

Generate more reviews

Ask customers to review your business, products, and services and track responses.

Measure reviews

Track your progress – review volumes, sentiment and star ratings. And see how you fare against the competition.

Promote positive reviews

When customers say great things, it reflects well on your business. Spread the word. But do so with caution. If you’re being targeted by malicious or fake reviews this can have a counter effect (it’s good to know).

online review management, Igniyte

Using the Igniyte Business Review Management Tool

It takes time to manage your online reviews, but our tool saves your team having to do it manually. We offer two different service levels, owned and managed.

Owned – we set you up with the Igniyte Business Review Management Tool, get you started. Then you manage your reviews direct from the tool.

Managed – we set you up with the Igniyte Business Review Management Tool, get you started and then manage the service for you. We handle all review monitoring, responses and invites, escalating any issues to you where needed and reporting progress monthly and quarterly. We also interpret insights and provide expert advice – with the aim of continuous improvement.

What can I do about negative reviews?

Igniyte can help you. Our team of experts will search and collect any negative content found on relevant and influential review websites. We will advise on best practice review management and identify any breaches to the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations (2008), the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) guidance and the Advertising Standards Authority guidelines.

Because we know how important it is to your business.

online review management, Igniyte

How can I get more positive reviews?

Ask your customers to review your business, products, and services. A review management strategy will help you to do this across the platforms you want most visibility on. So, talk to us about the best options.

Is your business being targeted by fake reviews?

It happens, and fake reviews are incredibly painful for businesses. We know this because we speak to businesses being affected by them every month. But we can help you to spot fake reviews and understand how to handle them.

Igniyte and Trustpilot  

Igniyte is partnered with Trustpilot, one of the world’s largest online review communities, to help build trust between businesses and consumers. Our partnership can help you to:

  • Build your online reputation.
  • Increase conversion.
  • Drive traffic.
  • Improve service.
  • Save time and effort with automated tools to collect reviews from your customers.
  • Use your reviews as online word-of-mouth, creating customer confidence in your brand.
  • Boost your search engine rankings, seller ratings, and online presence with Trustpilot reviews.
  • Respond to reviews, rescue unhappy customers, and improve your business with insights from review analytics.

Trustpilot is the strongest review platform for SEOPlus, through our partnership, new and existing Igniyte clients get preferential rates.

So, if you want to know more about how we can help you build brand trust, customer confidence, search engine rankings, and online presence through our online review management services, email or call us on 0203 542 8686.

30 essential online review facts and stats.

online review management, Igniyte
Online Review Management
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Review sites are becoming the most influential and authoritative research tools online – making online review management essential for businesses. Find out how Igniyte can help you.
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