Celebrity reputation rebuilding


A well-known celebrity was facing negative press about his failed marriage to another high-profile celebrity and bankruptcy. They were also being trolled online, with trolls posting negative and abusive comments.

Knowing that negative press can rank highly for years, they sought our help to improve their online reputation and change public opinion about them.


We audited the celebrity’s online reputation to gain a full picture of what was being said, by whom and where, as well as the sentiment around their brand. We then created a plan of action involving proactive and reactive PR, content and social media.

While optimising all their existing assets, including a website, YouTube channel and enhanced social profiles, we provided a content process and plan so that the celebrity could action some of the improvements themselves as requested. We also advised on 3rd party content strategies to boost their profile and expertise.


A comprehensive approach to repairing and developing the celebrity’s personal image online resulted in a raft of recommended measures to give the celebrity more control over their online persona.

Their work to rebuild their reputation is ongoing, with focus and goals based on a best practice approach.

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