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Igniyte can challenge, remove and supress negative or unwanted content, newspaper articles, posts, reviews, videos and images online.

You’ll pay a one-off fee on successful removal or suppression, meaning there’s no risk to you.

  • The work is guaranteed, with content permanently removed or supressed in Google (page 2 and below)
  • The outcome works in Google in all countries
  • The fee depends upon the number of search terms and links you want us to challenge, remove or supress
  • Prices start from $3,000 (Int landing page) or £2,500 (UK page) per link
  • The average turnaround time is 4-8 weeks

Misleading or inaccurate content online can cause lasting damage to your personal and professional reputation. Outdated press articles, unfair or inaccurate posts and embarrassing photos or videos can show in search engine results. If you’re reading this you’ve likely already ‘Googled’ yourself to see what other people see when they do the same. These negative links could be highly visible to people when they search for you, or your business online.

This type of damaging information can also spread quickly, unless it is dealt with.

Igniyte can help you to remove negative content online

How can I delete negative content online?

Removing negative or unwanted content, videos and images can be difficult. Which is why it’s good to talk to content removal specialists like Igniyte, whose day job it is to help people with these problems.

If you try and censor something yourself, you can inadvertently draw more attention to it. You can file a removal request under The Right to be Forgotten, which is a European ruling. But again, this can be challenging due to the strict criteria the content must meet, as well as what is deemed to be of public interest.

Igniyte's review strategy and measurement

How can Igniyte help?

Igniyte are the online reputation experts, working with individuals and businesses since 2009 to successfully challenge, remove and suppress unwanted or negative content, newspaper articles, images and videos online.

We’ve successfully worked with clients in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Europe, UAE and Myanmar to remove or suppress negative or unwanted content online. Our team can help you too.

We know what works, what doesn’t, and can advise on the best approach. We believe in being upfront about your chances of success, what it will cost and how long it will take.

Where Igniyte Can Help

Yellow Pages
800 Notes
Blogspot Websites
Complaints Board
Consumer Affairs
Consumer Complaints
Dirty Scam
Dominican R
DP Review
Dublin Reviews
Google Images and Reviews
Italy 1
Linked In
Pissed Consumer
Private Complaints
Rate MDs
Report Scam
Reseller Ratings
Reviews Talk
STD Registry
The Dirty
The Free Library
Wordpress Websites

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