Defamation, Libel and Copyright

Defamatory or libellous content about your company can have devastating effects on your reputation.  As Mark Twain famously said “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth it putting on its shoes.”

It can travel fast online, and the longer it stays there, the more people see it, the bigger the damage to you. It’s also worth noting that if the site the content is posted on is high authority – such as a UK press site – the larger the audience.

Take control of defamatory or libellous content now

We work with companies and brands to help them remove and challenge unwanted content, as well as supporting and advising them on any legal issues.

We partner with several legal firms to advise our clients on the legal options available when faced with unwanted content about their business.

Here are some of the issues we can help you with:

  • Confidential company information posted without consent
  • False or threatening company profiles set up on social and professional media platforms
  • Defamatory comments and opinions relating to commercial issues – often with no substantiation.
  • Outdated and irrelevant content.

We can help you to challenge and remove defamatory information or images, including the Right to be Forgotten and Google Removal applications.

We’re completely transparent about what will be most appropriate for you and what is most likely to be most effective.

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  • Please supply us with as much information as possible such as search terms used on Google and links to investigate.

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Related Case Studies

Promoting positive content: Financial services sector

Helping our client to rank higher for positive and lucrative search terms and tackle unfair comments online

  • Creating, optimising and promoting a new website and professional online profiles which rank on Page 1
  • Promoting industry e-guides
  • Targeted PR coverage in The Times, Guardian, Yahoo Finance and Reuters
  • Successful Google removal requests for defamatory and unsubstantiated comments

Removing defamatory content online: retail health service brand

Crisis reputation management for a company targeted by an online activist and online troll, which were causing it to lose millions of online transactions

  • Successful Facebook (Dublin) page take down
  • Optimising assets and promoting the business
  • Removing defamatory blog
  • Creating news, articles and blogposts to replace negative listings
  • Rebuilding the company’s online reputation
  • Improving online conversions and transactions

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