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Improving Customer Service

Home Improvement Business

  • Successfully removed several high-ranking negative forum posts
  • Best practice training on how to handle negative reviews
  • Company guidelines created – for handling negative social posts and team trained on removal options available
  • Improving customer service and reducing customer complaints 
Improving Customer Service

One of the UK’s leading manufacturers and installers of home improvement and double glazing products asked Igniyte to help it get to grips with customer complaints and negative reviews online.

We examined online sentiment and used EC and UK legislation to challenge all defamatory content and any unsubstantiated claims on consumer-facing forums, review sites, blogs and social media. We provided consultancy services to ensure that online comments and conversations were captured and included within the company’s complaints procedure and evaluated online reviews, reporting against competitors within the market. Another key part of the project was establishing a positive review strategy and in-house questionnaire to identify happy clients and share positive sentiment.

The client was very happy with the results of the project as we successfully removed several high-ranking forum posts and provided best practice training to the in-house team on how to handle negative reviews, as well as producing guidelines for dealing with negative social posts.

Online complaints handling is now included within the company’s complaints procedure and we’ve educated key marketing and customer service managers on the removal options available to them on all of the main social platforms. The key aims of improving customer service and reducing customer complaints are being realised.

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