Igniyte’s Simon Wadsworth talks to Brandwatch, the world’s leading social intelligence company, about the biggest reputation risks and threats faced by business in 2018.

One in three businesses say that negative content is damaging their business. Another third are worried about the impact this type of material will  have in the future. That is according to our latest research, the Reputation Report 2018, conducted with OnePoll to examine the scale of the problem in the UK.  

Businesses now have more ways to represent themselves and engage with their customers. But, as the number of opportunities online rises, so too do the reputation risks.

UK businesses are seeing increasing threats from online activity, including historic and inaccurate press coverage and poor or unfounded reviews. Negative social media posts and material created and shared maliciously is having a negative impact too.

Reputation risks – and revenue losses

Businesses are losing hundreds of thousands of pounds in revenue, as well as suffering lasting damage to their online reputations. Commenting on the growing threats to brand reputation, Simon discusses the findings, threats and what can be done about them with Brandwatch

“We have developed our own Reputation Index which we use to give clients an up-to-date ‘live’ snapshot of their brand reputation, highlighting areas that may need work.

“As our research clearly shows, doing nothing will put reputations at risk. But being aware of the dangers – and planning ahead to mitigate them – will help brands build robustness and resilience in 2018 and beyond.”

He also discusses what steps you can take to help your business protect against these threats. You can read the full article for Brandwatch here.

Biggest reputation risks to UK businesses in 2018 - In The Press
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Biggest reputation risks to UK businesses in 2018 - In The Press
Igniyte’s Managing Partner Simon Wadsworth talks to Brandwatch about the biggest reputation risks and threats facing UK businesses in 2018.
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