BBC One’s Fake Britain investigates the problem with fake reviews which are ruining small businesses throughout the UK.

The programme features small business owner James Murray-Hodcroft who was the victim of fake reviews when he was targeted by trolls. All his reviews had been previously four and five stars when he noticed a sudden influx of one-star reviews. After investigating further, he found that people, who had never been his customers, were paid to leave negative reviews.

The impact of these negative reviews made such an impact on his business that he had shut up shop and close his business down.  James has now started up a new business but is still worried about the impact of reviews and social media has on his business.

This edition of Fake Britain, features Head of Client Services, Roz Sheldon, talking about the impact that negative reviews can have on business and what can be done to counteract this impact through a good online reputation management strategy.

During her investigation for Fake Britain, Roz investigates how easy it is to find someone willing to place negative reviews on competitor sites, in exchange for money.

If you’re in the UK, you can view it on the iPlayer here:

Originally aired on 21st August 2019 on BBC One.

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