Global Banking & Finance Review has published Igniyte’s research which found that the finance sector is the most judgemental of interviewers / interviewees based on what they find on their social media profiles.

The research – which was carried out on 1,000 UK employees across eight different sectors – also found that the finance sector were the most co-operative with their employers social media policies, with over 55% stating that they’ve read and follow it.

This sector was also found to be the most careful about who they accepted as a ‘friend’ on Facebook, with 42% saying they would accept some colleagues, but definitely not managers.

The research was conducted to explore the cross over between personal and professional social media use, and whilst it found that the finance sector in large part kept personal and professional online lives separate, it found that the Marketing & Advertising industry were most likely to merge the two.

Take a look at the full article here for more interesting statistics, and download Igniyte’s latest guide on Protecting Your Company’s Reputation From Employee Risk here to discover how and why your company should implement a social media policy.

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