Igniyte was asked to be featured in the Financial Times today in their Management section. The article focuses on the type of work Igniyte undertakes and the day-to-day roles carries out.

Our clients are all pretty diverse, both in terms of the sectors they work in and in terms of whether they are individuals or part of a small company or large multi-national corporation.

The issues our clients face usually falls into one of the below categories:-

1. Companies or people facing negative press stories ranking highly for their own name when conducting a Google search.

2. Companies dealing with multiple negative reviews existing online about their products or services.

3. Privacy leaks relating to companies or high profile individuals and cases where defamatory content has been posted online – usually by an “anonymous” source.

4. Historical content which is out of date causing issues for a company’s current trading year.

5. Malicious or false content posted by ex-employees, competitors or professional scammers.

In all instances, when consulting with a new client, Igniyte is transparent regarding the options open to clients in how to create true and positive content that ranks ahead of any negative content online. We aim to educate clients about the use of content, digital assets, social media and PR to showcase themselves or their company in the best light. We’ll also help them to remove any defamatory comments and posts.

The roles are varied within the company, but the aim is to help clients rid themselves of the worry of negative content ranking for their own name. We’re empathetic to all client situations and our results guarantee less negative content ranking on the first pages of a Google search.

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