Fiona Broomfield, Head of Content, talks to Influence CIPR Magazine about how to look after your company’s reputation in 2020.

Online reputation management 2020 is going to be vital for every company’s relevance and success.  In the article, Fiona gives her top 10 trends and tactics to shape how you should look after your online reputation in 2020.

From the original article.

1 Use online reputation monitoring tools:

Using online reputation monitoring tools makes it easy to track your online reputation. Instant alerts for your search terms, and customizable features make them a no-brainer for marketing teams. Use monitoring tools to track all mentions and crucial customer sentiment. Then, use the insights to identify opportunities and mitigate reputation risks. But sentiment can be misleading. It’s worth knowing what will have the most impact. This is where hiring a reputable online reputation agency will work in your favour. They’ll monitor your reputation, put it into context, and provide valuable counsel and actions to maximise your visibility and credibility.


You can find the full tips by visiting the article here. 


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