Igniyte featured in an article for the Telegraph, the downside of digital: coping with negative feedback.

The article explores the effect that negative content online has on corporate reputation. Specifically, it goes on to highlight how British bosses have suggested that dealing with said content is their most prevalent business concern, with one in three firms now suggesting that dealing with negative online content is  their number one digital priority.

The Igniyte Reputation Report

To quantify this suggestion, the publication turned to a recent nationwide Reputation Report commissioned by Igniyte. It found that one if five British bosses prioritise dealing with negative content over collecting new followers, promoting brand awareness or even generating sales.

A staggering 52% further said that negative posts have already damaged their business, whilst 10% admitted to being unhappy with the way their company is portrayed on page one of Google for their search term.

Meanwhile, 43% of companies noted a negative comment posted by a competitor as their most pressing issue, whilst malicious postings by former employees worried 42% of companies. Furthermore, 41% suggested that poor online reviews had cause them significant problems, and another 30% said that they believed that the online activity of existing employees had already damaged their reputation.

How Much Damage does Negative Content Inflict Financially?

How much damage does this inflict on a business financially? The Telegraph turned once again to Igniyte’s survey for the answer. Notably, the survey found that negative postings had direct implications for company value- spurring average losses of £46,815.

Meanwhile, one in ten were found to have lost between £50k and £100k directly as a result of online negative content. Furthermore, 24% suggested this had skimmed up to £10k from their bottoms lines, whilst another 20% claimed that their poor online reputation had left them closer to £50k poorer. Astonishingly though, two thirds of UK company owners and managers admitted to having no idea how to clean up their online reputation.

What Did Igniyte Have to Say?

The Telegraph turned to Igniyte to shed more light on the matter. Igniyte said: “What this research shows very clearly is the damaging effect negative online content can have and the high cost to reputations and businesses.”

They then elaborated by saying: “Companies work hard to build reputations in the digital space but once they have that presence it needs to be monitored. When posts can be made and shared within seconds, how can you maintain a positive online reputation?”

Companies Need to Create and Maintain a Positive Reputation Online

Igniyte hit the nail on the head here. This research clearly shows how damaging negative online content is to a company’s online reputation. Furthermore it directly shows how much money it is costing them. These figures prove that the companies of Britain need to make sure that they not only create, but maintain a positive reputation.

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