This week marketing publication Brandwatch turned to Igniyte for an article exploring the need for a great reputation to maintain a great brand.

Great Brands are built on a Great Reputation

The article, titled ‘Great Brands are Built on Great Reputation,’ explored how great brands can maintain the  great reputation they sorely need to promote in a fast moving digital age, where potentially crippling content can be viewed, posted and shared globally at the touch of a few buttons.

Reputation is more important than ever to maintaining a brand that consumers trust, and the threat of damaging content means brands need to protect themselves, especially, when things go wrong.

Online Reputation Is Essential to Maintaining the Integrity of the Brand

Brandwatch turned to Igniyte to explain how you can counter the negative impact of less than positive content, and they explained that with the rising risk reputation plays for brands in a rapidly digitised world, online reputation is more essential than ever to maintain the integrity of said brand.

Pointing to the influx of companies looking to employ services like those offered by Igniyte to combat external comment and opinion through branded content PR, Igniyte argued that business leaders are realising that reputation is a priority issue. In fact at Igniyte we found in a Reputation Risk Report released this week that British Brands now believe that dealing with negative content is their number one commercial priority.

A Brand’s Reputation Can be risked at Any Time

Going on to explain the depth of the trend, Igniyte pointed out that brands are realising that their reputation can be risked at any time, and that they’re placing an emphasis on managing content online and handling what is being side on the internet about them. That’s why major companies have taken to allocating significant time and resources to crafting the type of online reputation big business requires for sustained success.

Igniyte then went deeper into the findings of the Report, which highlighted the deeply personal nature of reputation; it has the ability to effect employees, families, shareholders, business owners, consumers etc. In fact, the report found that when British companies neglect their online reputation, they pay a high price; the average cost for dealing with it is £46,815 forBritish SME’s.

And the problem is one brands are already dealing with. In the report we found that over half of serious decision makers surveyed have faced the ramifications of negative content and another one in ten hate the composition of their page one on Google. However, two thirds don’t know how to facilitate a more positive online reputation.

Read More from Brandwatch and Igniyte

The article makes for fascinating reading and it makes several further key points on why a great brand requires a great reputation. To read more on the subject from Igniyte, check out our Guide to Building Your Company Reputation Online.

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