Igniyte has recently been featured in a PC Advisor article in which Igniyte’s Simon Wadsworth sheds light on the issues that many individuals face when represented online, highlighting unfortunate cases of mistaken identity and misrepresentation.

The article discusses the ever increasing influence that our digital footprint can have on our reputation in both the physical and digital world.

Today, the extent to which our reputations are maintained can have serious consequences, with negative content and articles about us having a detrimental effect on professional prospects as well as our personal lives. As such the article explores the key aspects that can contribute to our digital footprint and offers insight into how we can protect ourselves from the implications that many continue to suffer from. Simon discusses areas of debate in regards to our ability to manage our own reputation online, providing insight into topics such as our right to be forgotten online. Simon also offers advice and support for how you can monitor your digital footprint and take the fate of your reputation into your own hands.

You can access the article in full here:
Manage Your Digital Footprint: What Does Your Internet Profile Say About You? 

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