Our Managing Director, Simon Wadsworth, was approached by the Mail Online to discuss the latest news scandal around the Duke of York’s public image:

“I think it’s a long slog from here regardless of the outcomes of any proceedings going forward and any gestures to redeem the situation may only worsen the situation. He (Andrew) may be best to stay out of the public eye for the foreseeable future. This has damaged the rest of the Royal Family by association. It’s difficult for them to control the narrative, so hard for them to influence public opinion. The option of keeping him in a low profile looks to be increasingly difficult when this goes to a hearing.”

In Simon’s professional view, he advised the best course of actions for Andrew would be to not to make any further public statements about the case and fully co-operate with the authorities.

He added: “The disastrous Newsnight interview showed that he should be kept away from any public statements however possible and certainly in a trial situation as he will most likely further damage his image if pushed on the matters he is accused of.”

You can read the full article Duke of York’s public image will never recover as judge denies bid to throw out sex assault lawsuit that will now ‘tarnish’ the rest of the royal family on Mail Online.

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