Igniyte’s research into office Christmas party antics featured on London Loves Business, revealing that one in 10 UK workers were planning on telling a colleague they like them at their 2015 office Christmas parties.

Igniyte’s study on over 1,000 employees in the UK across eight different sectors, revealed some interesting stats about how we behave at our office Christmas parties. Take a look at some of the UK’s past antics:

  • One in 10 property employees have received a verbal or written warning following their behaviour at an office Christmas party
  • 10% of travel employees aren’t going to their office Christmas party this year for fear of embarrassing themselves
  • One in 10 UK employees have admitted drinking so much alcohol at a past Christmas party that they didn’t turn up for work the next day

The study also revealed the extent to which office party behaviour is making its way online – for example, 15% of UK employees admitted that they will be changing their Facebook settings before the work festive event this year so that they have to approve a ‘tag’ in a status or picture.

Behaviour at work-planned events like the office Christmas party can create a bit of a HR dilemma at times, especially when some inappropriate behaviour makes its way online. This guide advises how to best implement guidelines for employees which clearly state what behaviour is and isn’t acceptable, protecting both your staff and your company’s reputation.

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