Roz Sheldon, managing director of Igniyte and an expert in reputation management, has been quoted in the international news outlet Newsweek – reacting to the reputational issues and recent backlash Meghan Markle has faced over her podcast and other high-profile interviews.  

On her latest episode of her Archetypes podcast, Meghan Markle spoke about being “objectified” when she was a briefcase girl on the game show Deal or No Deal (2006 – 2007). The podcast episode titled “Breaking Down the Bimbo” included an interview with Paris Hilton. 

In response, actress Claudia Jordan, who was her co-star on the Deal or No Deal show, posted a series of Instagram stories rejecting her claims. Claudia generally characterizes herself as someone who generally defends Markle against public vitriol. 

Newsweek approached Roz Sheldon for her expert comment on the ongoing reputational issues of Meghan Markle’s podcast. Roz said: 

“The podcast is very negative. If they’d had Claudia Jordan there as well, it would have been quite interesting. It’s about balancing the narrative. I think actually a lot of women would think it was smart. They saw an opportunity and made the most of it. So, there is another view that Claudia Jordan is obviously expressing. 

“There’s two sides to the story, so you’re always going to get that alternative or backlash. Looking at the podcast topics, they tend to push negative themes to some extent. We’d probably say potentially balancing it out a little bit, maybe bringing in some of the positives a little bit. It’s backed by a charity, so the intentions are good.” 

There has also been significant public backlash over Meghan Markle and Prices Harry’s upcoming docuseries on Netflix. An indication that she has relinquished creative control to the director of the Netflix series will cause “nervousness” in the Royal Family. The show is set to shed unsavoury light on the personal rifts of the Royal Family, with some commentators going as far as saying it will further tarnish the monarchy. 

The Duchess of Sussex gave a cover interview to Variety in which she spoke publicly for the first time about the long-rumoured docuseries dealing with her and Prince Harry‘s story.  

Roz further told Newsweek: “I think there will probably be nervousness. The palace wasn’t expecting Oprah Winfrey, I don’t think they know what to expect and it’s been quite difficult. There are some nice comments about Queen Elizabeth II in the Variety interview, but they haven’t been shy in coming forward either so there will be concern definitely. Meghan says they trust someone with the story so I guess they must trust Liz Garbus” 

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