Igniyte has written for PR Moment following their research into the impact of online reviews on UK businesses.

Early 2015, Igniyte commissioned research into how online reviews and forum comments were affecting UK businesses – were negative comments damaging and what were they doing to tackle them? The research revealed some interesting findings, including more than half of UK businesses had been affected by negative online reviews or malicious postings in the past year alone.

Not only this, but a worrying 24% had actually taken legal action in the past year to try and tackle the problem. One in six of the UK businesses surveyed believed that malicious online reviews had the power to destroy a business completely.

What the research has shown, is that developing an effective review management strategy is a must for companies and brands. Igniyte’s PR Moment article touched upon advice for companies looking to deal with online reviews – Caroline commented that the key is ensuring the management of offline and online complaints in consistent, with the customer service team and marketing function working together.

View the full PR Moment article here and take a look at the Business of Reviews findings here. Get in touch if you’d like advice on how to implement an effective review management strategy for your company which adheres to government and ASA regulations.

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