The thorny issue of data continues to be discussed in the digital world as we head towards 2019. And Igniyte’s Managing Partner, Simon Wadsworth, shares his thoughts about how the landscape will continue to develop in 2019 and beyond.

He joins a panel of industry leaders and thinkers voicing their expert opinions about the trends digital and reputation that specialists need to be aware of in 2019.

Simon Wadsworth on what’s hotting up in 2019 – data trade – for Prolific North

As Simon tells Prolific North, he predicts that in 2019, the backlash against the social media giants and Google will continue to hot up.

Following on from the way companies have approached data privacy and absorbed the impact of new GDPR regulation (around how they use data), Simon speculates that the data trade relationship between these big social media platforms and Internet providers and users may change forever.

He says they may have ‘reached their peak’ so we may start to see an inevitable decline as people protest against the monetisation of their data. Linked to this, it is likely that awareness of privacy settings will increase as people realise the impact of public social media content. How companies like Google respond to these concerns will be a major talking point during the year ahead – and something reputation experts will be watching closely.

The next big thing for 2019 - data - Prolific North
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The next big thing for 2019 - data - Prolific North
Igniyte Managing Partner Simon Wadsworth joins industry leaders and thinkers voicing their expert opinions on 2019 in Prolific North...
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