Igniyte have featured on PR Week with an opinion piece surrounding the Volkswagen scandal. Igniyte discuss the impact on the brand’s reputation and what they can do to limit the damage.

Following news that the much-loved automotive brand, Volkswagen, has been misleading the public and authorities with fixed emissions tests, Igniyte has written an opinion piece for PR Week on how this scandal could impact on the company’s reputation and details the steps that Volkswagen should now be taking to restore its customer’s trust.

Since the news broke, Volkswagen’s share prices have dropped by over a fifth and the company is potentially facing an $18bn fine, as well as criminal charges against its executives.

Igniyte outlines the strategy that Volkswagen should now be following to restore trust, both in the short term and the long term as the criminal proceedings take place.

Read the full article here and get in touch if you’d like advice on crisis communications following a company or executive issue.

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