After the Duke of York’s recent decision to legally challenge the multi-billion pound settlement he made to accuser Virginia Giuffre in order to return to royal duties, has come to light. The Express spoke to Roz Sheldon to ask whether his reputation could recover.

Roz Sheldon, Managing Director at Igniyte, was asked for her opinion and about the situation as a reputation management expert. She said that, given the pay-out to Giuffre, the court settlement, basically, was too distasteful for the British public and that Prince Andrew needed to be reined in.

Roz Sheldon told us: “King Charles cannot, and I strongly believe, will not, grant Prince Andrew any royal titles or duties back. There have been too many dents into the institution’s reputation, and the organisation must rebuild trust by focusing on pushing forward with the mission-driven impact projects that should always be front and centre of their public perception strategy.”

As an example of the kind of public initiative that resonates with the public, Roz Sheldon cited the “… recent Wind Farm profits for public good initiative. This is excellent and this type of activity should be the only focus and communication from the Royal Family.”

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