In business, as in life, reputation really is everything.

And in the modern, digital world it is more important than ever for companies and individuals to maintain and protect what should be one of their biggest assets.

At Igniyte, we work hard to understand this constantly evolving landscape; monitoring the factors affecting reputation and understanding how we can help.

Conducting our own in-depth research allows us to tailor our support and strategies to reflect the real-time challenges faced by SMEs, corporations and high-profile individuals across the world.


Cost of negative content is a growing threat

Earlier this year we commissioned original research into the scale of the UK’s reputation damage problem.

With the help of One Poll, we canvassed the views of 500 business owners and senior decision makers to find out more about the issues affecting them.

Following on from our 2014 audit, the 2018 research revealed an ever-growing threat from negative content, with UK businesses feeling more under siege than ever.


Global thinking 

Global Banking and Finance Review took a closer look at our Reputation Report 2018 and shared key findings with their readers.

Igniyte Managing Partner Simon Wadsworth, went on to explain how businesses can protect themselves against reputation abuse and threats. As he said, regular monitoring, creation of strong, positive assets and enlisting specialist help when necessary, should all be part of a robust reputation protection strategy.

Read the full results and find out more about the kind of threats affecting UK businesses here.

Reputation Timebomb - Igniyte research reveals the real cost of negative content
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Reputation Timebomb - Igniyte research reveals the real cost of negative content
Global Banking & Finance Review takes a closer look at Igniyte's Reputation Report 2018 and shares key findings, including the cost of negative content.
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