Igniyte featured on Share Radio’s Morning Money programme to talk about how bad online reviews are affecting UK businesses.

Following our research into the real business cost of online reviews and forum posts, Igniyte was interviewed on the effect of bad reviews to businesses and the importance they hold for a good brand reputation.

They commented that Google has increased the authority that review sites and forums hold, meaning that sites such as TripAdvisor and MoneySavingExpert will always rank highly in Google search results. This means that if a company receives a negative review or comment, it could show on page one of the search results for your business name.

Whilst bigger brands and companies may have the infrastructure in place to try and deal with this, Igniyte commented that for smaller businesses who don’t have a big marketing budget or a dedicated team, one negative review could be disastrous to their online reputation and therefore the success of their business.

Listen to Igniyte’s comments on Share Radio below and download our report showing the true cost of online reviews and forum posts to UK businesses for free here, feel free to get in touch if you’re looking for a review management strategy or would like further information on our findings.

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