Following the lack of any further public announcements about Meghan Markle’s career prospects, Newsweek chatted with Roz Sheldon to find out what might be happening.

Meghan Markle looked ready to boost her career after signing with a high-profile talent agency in Hollywood, but after almost six months, very little has been officially announced to show the success of the partnership.

Perhaps six months is not long enough for their partnership to have borne fruit, even though their Netflix deal was announced in September 2020, less than six months after they moved to America.

However, Roz Sheldon, managing director of U.K. PR firm Igniyte, told Newsweek that a slower approach may be no bad thing after past missteps sparked criticism.

“In terms of the online world, six months is a short space of time that you can use to start building behind the scenes,” she said.

“That would have been a sensible approach, slowly building behind the scenes and working out who she is and how she wants to come across because she’s had a lot of stick.”

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