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Following a recent interview from Jada Pinkett Smith, rumours have circulated about the marital health of the royal couples, Harry and Meghan, and William and Kate. Newsweek spoke to Roz Sheldon about how this has affected their reputation.

During a recent interview on The Today Show, Jada Pinkett Smith revealed that her marriage to Will Smith effectively ended in 2016 as they “were just exhausted with trying”, but the couple did not go public.

This bombshell revelation sent celebrity gossipmongers into a frenzy with wild speculations about the state of other famous marriages.

Notably, unfounded rumours surrounding Harry and Meghan’ marriage started circulating, this was followed by pro-Harry and Meghan fans circulating rumours about William and Kate.

This dialogue hit the mainstream in May 2022, as a French article published in Oh My Mag was translated by MSN. The publication acknowledged that the news was false and withdrew the story.

This false article will have still had a negative effect on both royal couples reputation even though it was found to be completely fictitious.

Roz Sheldon, our MD at Igniyte, told Newsweek both Harry and Meghan and the Smiths had invited discussion of their relationships.

“Yes, media is all over the story in regard to the Smiths’ relationship,” she said, “but there has been public comment from both Will and Jada for many years and coincides with the memoir release.

“As we know, there will always be speculation over high-profile and celebrity relationships, but the more publicly shared, the more fuel added to the fire, so to speak, in terms of increased speculation.”

“Jada discusses the relationship in her book and has made a conscious decision to share these details,” she continued.

“I don’t think others will readily want to share intimate details about relationships—Jada and Will have always ‘overshared’ so it’s a conscious decision.”

“I believe it is possible to retain privacy, Princess Anne has always been low-key in terms of a private life, Harry and Meghan on the other hand have courted and invited the media, so it’s a conscious decision.”

To read more about the ‘nightmare that Jada Pinkett Smith has started for Harry, Meghan, William and Kate’, head to Newsweek.com

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